Zeitanker Annotation Edit Multilangual (Mac OSX)


Zeitanker Annotation Edit Multilangual | MacOSX | 19.5 MB
Annotation Edit is a unique editor for professional subtitles, captions and annotations. Annotation Edit is designed to give production houses and eLearning environments a smooth subtitle workflow for Apple DVD Studio Pro / Final Cut Pro, QuickTime WebTV and broadcast. Annotation Edit can import & export DVD Studio Pro/Spruce STL, STL EBU binary (all latin characters), Final Cut Pro XML – including italic style, alignment and position, SCC closed caption (line 21) – including italic style and position. Import of DVD Studio Pro subtitle track item description xml – all languages at once, including italic.

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Nomad Factory Garbage v1.0.0 (Win/Mac)


Nomad Factory Garbage v1.0.0 (Win/Mac) | 23/30 Mb
GARBAGE LSD is a mind-bending audio transformation plug-in with user adjustable signal chain and dual modulation matrix. It provides a series of lethal modules to manipulate, distort, destroy and transform your sounds with radioactive modulation, junk EQs, warping convolutions and scummy filtering to name a few.

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Mach Desktop 4K v2.8 (Mac OSX)


Mach Desktop 4K v2.8 | MacOSX | 1.35 GB
Mach Desktop 4K is the most innovative 4K dynamic motion wallpaper application! Mach Desktop 4K features 40+ stunning themes, with each theme featuring advanced 3D effects or breathtaking 4K Video, and the most cutting-edge and beautiful "Desklets" ever to grace a Desktop! 3D effects include but are not limited to: Light, Water, Fog, Smoke, Clouds, Fire, Snow, Stars, Galaxies, Quasars, even Black Holes, and more!

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FreeWay Pro 7.1.4 Mac OS X


FreeWay Pro 7.1.4 Multilangual | MacOSX | 49.6 MB
Freeway Pro lets you design and build sophisticated responsive websites code free. With its user-oriented drag-and-drop interface, Freeway Pro helps you piece together the website of your dreams. Add images, audio, video and interactive content – when your masterpiece is complete, Freeway Pro converts it into clean, standards-compliant code at the click of a button!

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XT Software energyXT v3.0 (Win/Mac)


XT Software energyXT v3.0 (Win/Mac) | 79 Mb
energyXT is one of the most flexible VST sequencers available. You can even run it inside another sequencer as a VST plugin. energyXT was voted top 3 in the KvR member survey (in the Overall commercial host of the year category). You simply cant go wrong with energyXT. Easy to use MIDI & audio sequencer with track freeze, track groove and time-saving ghost clips. The easy to use Piano roll features a great step mode for quickly entering drum beats and basslines. There's even a random function for making variation of drums, bass and melodies.

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